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Brixham Pirate Festival

The first May bank holiday weekend sees Brixham batten down the hatches for the famous Brixham Pirate Festival

A pirate-themed weekend of mayhem celebrating the town's maritime history through music, parades and activities

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Pirates at Brixham Pirate Festival

The Brixham Pirate Festival has grown into one of the biggest pirate gatherings in the world, spans a full weekend and simply should not be missed, arghhhhh!

Every year, the coastal town of Brixham in Devon, England, hosts the popular Brixham Pirate Festival. This festival celebrates the town's rich maritime heritage and the legends of the pirates who once sailed the seas around Brixham. The festival attracts visitors from all over the world who come to join in the fun and immerse themselves in the swashbuckling atmosphere.

Brixham Pirate Festival 2023 Map

Brixham Pirate Festival 2023 Map - Side A Brixham Pirate Festival 2023 Map - Side B

During the Brixham Pirate Festival, the town comes alive with pirate-themed entertainment, including live music, street performers, and reenactments of historic pirate battles. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of pirate-themed activities, such as treasure hunts, costume contests, and sword-fighting workshops.

The Brixham Pirate Festival began in 2007 and has since grown into one of the biggest pirate gatherings in the world. Spanning a full weekend, there is so much for everyone to do no matter if you are traveling alone or as a family. The atmosphere is simply superb and an event that we recommend should be experienced by everyone.

Family at the Brixham Pirate Festival
Shiver me timbers! My lass and her hearties off to weigh anchor and seek ye precious doubloons

One of the highlights of the Brixham Pirate Festival is the Grand Parade of Pirates, where participants dress up in their best pirate costumes and march through the town. This spectacle is a feast for the eyes, with colorful costumes, jolly pirates, and enthusiastic crowds.

Paul Aldous
Local artist Paul Aldous working on some art for the Brixham Pirate Festival - See Paul's work here

With thousands of visitors attending the festival every year, the town sees a significant increase in footfall. Many businesses tailor their offerings to suit the pirate theme, creating a unique and memorable experience for festival-goers. During the festival, local traders and vendors set up stalls selling a variety of pirate-themed merchandise, such as costumes, hats, swords, and other accessories. This not only provides a unique shopping experience for visitors but also generates additional support for local businesses. The whole town gets involved, it’s fantastic to see how energised the town becomes with proud local businesses wanting to showcase the wonderful town of Brixham. Pictured above you’ll see local artist Paul working on artwork for the festival from his studio on New Quay Lane, be sure to stop by and take a look at Paul’s work - the studio on New Quay Lane is right in the thick of the pirate action!

Brixham Pirate Festival Visitors
They’ll soon all be three sheets to the wind

Overall, the Brixham Pirate Festival is a lively and exciting event that captures the spirit of adventure and history. It's an experience that shouldn't be missed, and one that will leave visitors with unforgettable memories of this charming seaside town.

Kids at the Brixham Pirate Festival
Ye pair o scallywags looking to send me off to old Davy Jones' locker. Blimey, feeling this ol seadog soon be shark bait arghhh

Where to find the Brixham Pirate Festival

Shiver me timbers! What a silly question. The entire town gets involved and you’ll have no trouble seeking out the swashbuckling action. The main place to head for is Brixham Quay (TQ5 8AW), just head for the ocean! Please be aware that several roads are closed to cope with the sheer number of visitors attending this famous event. Parking can be difficult and accommodation gets booked up well in advance.

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The Brixham Pirate Festival

Brixham Pirate Festival Logo

A lively celebration of the town's maritime history with pirate-themed entertainment, music, parades, and activities, attracting visitors from around the world falling on the first May bank holiday weekend of the year.

Brixham Pirate Festival Facilities

  • Shanty
  • Atmosphere
  • Claps of thunder (strong drinks!)
  • Plank walking
  • Booty hunting
  • Entire town takeover
  • Children friendly
  • Dogs are welcome
  • Toilets

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